Dota Elite Series S1 – Cup 2


The Dota Elite Series is a Dota 2 Tournament series that awards points over the course of the season to decide which top teams will be directly invited to the Grand Cup and who will ultimately compete for the lion’s share of $7500.

You’ve reached back in time to Season 1’s Cup 2, which pitted teams against one another in a LAN at George Brown College in an early tournament for the Dota Elite Series.

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LAN Competition Date and Time: February 14 at 10am
LAN Venue: George Brown College, Toronto, ON

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The cup begins with a Round Robin group stage.

  • Top half of teams (min. 8) move on to the Bracket Stage.

Upper Brackets are Best-of-3 Matches.
Lower Brackets are Best-of-3 Matches.
Grand Finals are Best-of-5 Matches with a 1-game advantage for Winners Finalist team.

Awards Points for participating teams contribute towards their seeding in the Grand Cup.

Prize Breakdown

This cup’s prize pool totalled $2,000.

First Place – $1,250 CAD
Second Place – $500 CAD
Third Place – $250 CAD

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