Radeon ExtravaLANza FAQs

As we get closer to the date, we’ll be bringing you more and more news about our exciting event, Radeon™ ExtravaLANza, which we’re partnering with AMD Gaming to present.  Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the tournaments and extras:

General FAQs

Where do I register?

You can register at THIS LINK RIGHT HERE.  🙂

Where, when, and how much?

Date: Saturday, June 20 and Sunday, June 21
Time: 10:00am, both days

Location: Hunter & Lucas Esports Club, Toronto, ON
2-195 Bentworth Ave, Toronto, ON M6A 1P6

How Much Will It Cost? $35 per tournament player or $175 per team. Spectator passes are free.

Again, Where Do I Sign Up?Click Here!  🙂

What are we playing?

What else is there to do at the event? Is it just the games?

While our tournaments will take place over the weekend, there are plenty of extra goodies to enjoy on-site. Not only will AMD Gaming be flaunting some new tech demos, but the proceedings will feature live musical performances and a comedy show. Everyone has a chance to win some awesome prizes, even if they aren’t playing in the tournaments– it’s worth it just to make an appearance!

Tech-savvy spectators are also encouraged to try out the Iron Rig Challenge; build your own rig from scratch for the chance to be the champion!

Of course, if you ARE there for the competitions, you’ll be treated to the big-screen-experience as we watch the games live, in-house. Why wait for the VODs when you can be there for the action?

Can I come early to practice before game time?

Unfortunately we’re expecting over 200 players and we only have 100 computers, so we can’t let everyone practice at the venue. Please come at your scheduled start time. There will be ample time to setup and calibrate everything before you start playing, however.

What are the age restrictions?

Tournament players must be 16 or older to participate.  Anyone 16 or 17 years of age will need to bring a signed consent form to the event.  You can find one of those HERE.

Technical FAQs

What are the specifications of the PCs at the event?

PC Specs
-Processor: i5 4690 Quad Core
-Memory: 8GB RAM
-Graphics: Radeon R7 260X 2GB
-Monitor: 27″ 1080P 4ms BenQ GW2760HS
-OS: Windows 7 Pro

-Games will be preinstalled and updated
-Basic mechanical keyboards, wired gaming mice, and headsets will be available for use, but it is advised to bring your own. USB Headsets or USB Audio card required. (For example…)

Do I need to bring my own Rig to play on?

No. We are lucky enough to have 100 gaming rigs already at the venue for you to play on, so don’t worry about lugging your own monster to the event.

I play CS: GO and I noticed that the monitors on site are 60Hz. Can I bring my own 120/144Hz monitor?

We will be allowing CS: GO participants only to bring monitors – provided they are not larger than 27”, and they use a standard power plug.

Will I need to install my game or software when I come?

All tournament games will be installed and updated on the computers. As well, popular tournament software like Teamspeak, Mumble, Skype, Razer Synapse, and Logitech Gaming Software will be pre-installed.

Do I need to bring my own peripherals (ie. keyboard, mouse, headset, mousepad)?

Yes! While we’ll have basic mechanical keyboards, wired gaming mice, headsets, and mousepads available to borrow, every competitor knows that your own equipment can make or break you in true competition!

Can I bring any kind of peripherals I want?

Yes, just as long as they connect over USB. While this seems obvious for mice and keyboards, make sure your headset is USB.

What if I don't have a USB headset? Can I bring one with 3.5mm jacks?

No… and Yes. While you won’t have access to the audio jacks on the computers, you can procure a USB sound card like this. Otherwise, we do have USB headsets available for you to use at the venue.

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