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Episode #17 – Tales from StarCraft

No more campaign expansions and unlikely any more mission packs. But that doesn’t mean the stories have to stop. We explore some of the people who are still creating stories for the game in different mediums.

Episode #16 – Tales from StarCraft

It’s Thanksgiving so we gathered around for a special episode to talk about our favorite StarCraft Stories. We’ve pulled a few stories from around the community: Past guests, community members and fans of the show to tell us their favorite StarCraft memory.

Episode #15 – SC2 AI, & Deepmind

Deepmind info released at Blizzcon has many including us thinking: What’s the landscape of Artificial Intelligence and game agents looking like. So we’ve invited guests who deal with custom bots to talk to us about it.

Episode #14 – The State of SC:R

StarCraft 2 has had some of the best esports its had in a long time. But how is its recently re-released counterpart? We speak to members of the SC:R community and discuss the state of Broodwar scene as of the end of 2018.

Episode #13 – Building a BarCraft

Sharing a pint with friends at a bar while watching StarCraft. Cheering, shouting and bonding. The BarCraft; the next best thing to being at the event live. Over the years there has been a decline in BarCrafts so we invite BarCraft producers to talk about the good and bad of making the suds flow.

Episode #12 – SC2 foreigners in Korea

Soju, kimchi and GSL, when foreigners invade South Korea how do they survive? Is the biggest challenge in learning the language or are there bigger hurdles than qualifying for code S

Episode #11 – A look into StarCraft Tournament Organizers

From online to the big stage, how do some of our best tournaments get put together. Our guests, Oliva from Olimoleague an KJ from PSISTORM Gaming give us the insights.

Episode #10 – The Great SC Debate

A special episode of Inside the Scene, we depart from our regular format for one episode to try something a little different.

Episode #9 – Casting in StarCraft

What it’s like to be a caster? We invite guests ZombieGrub, Maynarde and Feardragon to share with us a look behind the curtain of the commentating world.

Episode #8 – Why Sponsor SC2?

We spoke to the teams, now let’s hear from Sponsors. Why would you sponsor anything in StarCraft 2. Digging into the ROI and viewpoint of those who put the money in.

Episode #7 – 2018 Balance Revamp: Pro Players POV

New changes are on their way to StarCraft 2 with the 2018 Balance Revamp. Pro Players of each race weight in on the pros and cons of the changes.

Episode #6 – StarCraft Cosplay Design 101

StarCraft cosplay is rare but when it’s done, they look amazing. We talk to Dabboy (Archon and Hydralisk) and RedRock Cosplay (Jim Raynor) about the art of doing StarCraft Cosplay.

Episode #5 – StarCraft Female Friendly?

StarCraft is an older community, and with age comes maturity. But how does that translate in dealing with female players. Is the community really as mature as we believe?

Episode #4 – Why own a StarCraft 2 Team?

We sit down with owners/management of StarCraft 2’s Current team landscape and talk to them about if SC2 is good to them in a post Free 2 play world.

Episode #3 – Cyan Talks to ITS

We have Cyan — the hero our community deserves — discussing how hard and exciting at the same time it is to be an Esports journalist.

Episode #2 – Decoding the Cheeseadelphia

In episode 2 we have Joe LoGuidice from Cheeseadelphia come on and talk about what it takes to put on one of the largest non-WCS tournaments in North America.

Episode #1 – TLMC 11 Finalist

We premiere the first episode of Inside The Scene and sit down with the finalist from the Team Liquid Map Contest 11

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Inside The Scene is a show about people with a passion for StarCraft and where that passion can take you. Every week we bring guests from different areas of the community to discuss panel style, their area of expertise.

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